Global Distinguished Speakers Selected from JFES members again.

We are pleased to announce that the following best paper presenters of the past JFES symposiums are selected as global distinguished speakers of 2022-2023 period for their excellent works! The papers coincidently contributed to evaluate volcanic reservoirs in geothermal and hydrocarbon reservoirs and received high reputation from the committee members.
Integrated Fracture Analysis with Borehole Geology, Acoustic and Geomechanics for Flow Zone Identification; Case Study from Volcanic Geothermal Well in Japan
Chiaki Morelli, Yuki Maehara, Hong Tian, Chang Wei Qu, Somenath Kar,  Schlumberger; Masami Ikeya, Masanori Okamoto, Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd. (SPWLA-JFES-2022-B)

Integrated Mineral Quantification Technique for Volcanic Reservoirs
Takeaki Otani, Tetsuya Yamamoto, JAPEX; Tatsuya Hattori, JOGMEC;  Shogo Kawasumi, JAPEX  (SPWLA-JFES-2021-C)

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