The 29th Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan

  • 2024年5月24日
  • 2024年5月24日
  • Symposium

The 29th Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan

29th JFES Symposium Poster


The symposium committees are soliciting papers in the following:

  • Reservoir Characterization of Conventional Reservoirs
  • Reservoir Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Automated Methods of Formation Evaluation
  • Specialized Measurement Techniques and Interpretation Methods
  • Core and Well-Log Integration
  • Case Studies


We set “DX (Digital Transformation)” as special session theme in this symposium, and recent innovation and experience will be shared with the participants in JFES symposium. The invited talks in-person and online will be arranged by the symposium committee inviting the industry leaders from global universities, research institutes and energy companies. In this special session, JFES will provide petrophysicists, geologists, geophysicists, and engineers with an opportunity to share their expertise and case studies for geothermal energy development.

  • Machine leaning, AI for Geoscience

DX applications and utilization to

  • Formation Evaluation/Reservoir Characterization of the Analysis technology and evaluation
  • Geological/Geomechanical Modeling and Dynamic Simulation
  • Reservoir Monitoring Technology

Registration will be open soon!

For any inquiries, please send JFES Technical committee a message via email.

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