JFES 2020 Virtual Seminar(4-5 Nov 2020) successfully held

JFES 2020 Virtual Semiar was successfully held on 4-5th November, 2020. Over 70 attendees enjoyed discussions on various topics such as porosity estimation workflow and machine learning application for reservoir characterization.

Date & Time
4-5th Nov, 2020, 15:00-17:00 (Online seminar), 17:00-17:30 (Networking time)
Day 1 (4th Nov)
Possibility and Characteristics of CO2-based Fracturing in Granite from Conventional to Superhot Geothermal Conditions
Eko Pramudyo, Tohoku University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Porosity Complexity in carbonate reservoirs *Japanese
Jiro Asada, Principal Geologist, Technology Promotion Department, INPEX Solutions, LTD
Simultaneous estimation of in situ porosity and thermal structure from core sample measurements and resistivity log data *Japanese
Suguru YABE, Researcher / Geological Survey of Japan, AIST
17:00-17:30 Networking
Day 2 (5th Nov)
Using machine learning to build detailed facies models at the basin & reservoir scale: Overcoming challenges in data quality to build more reliable & diverse training models.
Kian Wei Tan, Technical Consultant, Halliburton
Machine Learning-based Rock Type Classification Approach for Reservoir Distribution in Tensleep Formation.
Lilik T. Hardanto, Application Geoscientist, Emerson Automation Solutions.
Uncertainty and Spatial Modelling. Making ML and Geostatistics work together
Colin Daly, Advisor Property Modeling, Schlumberger Limited.
17:00-17:30 Networking

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